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Journal of Pharmacology (JP) is an International, Monthly, Peer Reviewed and Open Access journal. The journal will publish the articles from the divisions of all Pharmacology, In-Vivo and In-Vitro studies of synthetic, chemicals drugs and clinical studies comparing by different treatments in the fields of Traditional Systems of Medicine and Allopathic medicine.

Journal of Pharmacology (JP) is a Monthly publication available in online and Yearly Two Issues by Print version and is an authentic source of information on all Pharmacology and Pharmacy.

Researchers may submit the Manuscripts as:

1. Original Research Articles; 2. Review articles; 3. Book Reviews; 4. Short Communications / Research Letter; 5. Case Report; 6. Letter to the Editor / Correspondence.

Authors can submit complete unpublished and original works, which are not under review in any other journals.


The Journal Publishing House is committed to Publishing in time by peer-reviewing of articles in our journals and encyclopedias. The Journal Publishing House requires all authors to comply fully with the current ethical standards for publication in their disciplines. The Manuscripts submitted to the journal must represent all the reports of Original Research Articles, and the original text and diagrammatical data must be available for Review Articles. All the authors of a manuscript must have agreed to its submission to the journal and are responsible for its contents, including appropriate citations and acknowledgments, and also must have agreed that the corresponding author has the authority to act on the complete manuscript. For the submission of a manuscript to the journal, the work and that the manuscript, or same content, was not been published previously, and it should not being considered for publication elsewhere. When submitting papers for publication to the Journal, it is expected that the authors will provide written assurance and describe the novelty of their work or in the approach taken in their research in a covering letter to the Journal.


The over-riding criteria for publication are originality, high scientific quality and interest to a multidisciplinary audience. Papers not sufficiently substantiated by experimental detail will not be published.

Any technical queries will be referred back to the author, although the Editors reserve the right to make alterations in the text without altering the technical content. Manuscripts submitted under the multiple authorships are reviewed on the assumption that all listed authors concur with the submission and that a copy of the final manuscript has been approved by all authors and tacitly or explicitly by the responsible authorities in the laboratories where the work was carried out.

If accepted, the manuscript shall not be published elsewhere in the same form, in either the same or another language, without the consent of the Editors. Authors must state in a covering letter when submitting papers for publication the novelty embodied in their work or in the approach taken in their research.

Journal of Pharmacology insists on ethical practices in both human and animal experimentation. Evidence for approval by a local Ethics Committee (for both human as well as animal studies) must be supplied by the authors on demand. Animal experimental procedures should be as humane as possible and the details of anaesthetics and analgesics used should be clearly stated.

The ethical standards of experiments must be in accordance with the guidelines provided by the CPCSEA (animal) and ICMR (human). The journal will not consider any paper which is ethically unacceptable. A statement on ethics committee permission and ethical practices must be included in all research articles under the ‘Materials and Methods’ section. Authors must be careful when they reproduce text, tables or illustrations from other sources. Plagiarism will be viewed seriously. If any ethical concerns are raised against published manuscript along with proofs, then the editorial board will investigate the matter and can take decisions accordingly, the decision may include removal of manuscript as well as blacklisting of authors for future publication in the journal. The authors must understand the seriousness of above statement before submitting the papers in Journal of Pharmacology.